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My guest is Chrystal from L.A.. She is just one of many positive diabetics making a huge difference in the diabetes community. She is a chemist, and diabetic activist. After Chrystal's diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in November 2007, she created SexyDiabetic.com; and donates a good portion of her time connecting and sharing experiences, both inside and outside the online diabetic communities.

Chrystal has shared with us her personal experiences living with diabetes; her role in the diabetic community; some of her current diabetic project she's working on during black history month.

We talked about some of the struggles we we face, getting the African American communities and all other people of color educated on the dangers of diabetes; as well as the fears and discrimination that still exist for diabetics today.

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Richard A. Vaugn

For 2012 I thought it would be wonderful to start the year off with a positive interview!

My guest is Richard A Vaughn. He has written an awesome book called "Beating The Odds - 64 years of Diabetes Health". In this book, he takes us on a journey through his diabetic life.

From the moment he was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 6, all the way up through completing his masters degree, @ a time when people thought diabetics shouldn't go to college (because diabetes was considered a disability then).

Richard also talks about his wonderful family and grand children, in addition to participating in the Joslin Medalist Study, funded by the JDRF & National Institute of health..

Richard is definitely an inspiration to us all. He has showed us insulin dependent people, how to live healthy emotionally & physically by example, with either no, or the least amount of complications possible; coming from a time when life expectancy for a diabetic was no later than 40 years old.


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You can purchase Richard's book by clicking on the graphic of his book below.

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What's in your headphones? We all know how important exercise is to any diabetic, however, the music you exercise to is also just as important too! Music can make the difference between a 3 minute workout, and a 30 minute workout. Personally, I am an oldies guy, and my musical tastes are pretty eclectic and diverse. The above playlist consist of music I am listening to on my Anddroid when I exercise or power-walk. As my mood changes, so shall the playlist.


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Socks4Life is working hard to inform their customers about diabetes.
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This episode is about the story of  Galileo Galilei, a scientist, philosopher, & inventor during the 16-17th century. His life story teaches us the importance of being tolerant/open minded, and accepting new information or knowledge in to our daily lives. Today in our modern age, we still see much of the same attitudes that Galileo had to endure in his life time. This episode is about the struggle of getting people, to take initiative to want to learn about diabetes for themselves (or any other condition for that matter).

I talk a little about my A1C numbers; complications, and how important it is to continuously manage them, and to make sure they are within safe ranges. Also the lack of diabetic information for women.

This is about who sometimes we as diabetics look for quick fixes, instead of dealing with the core/underline problem. Puting a tiny Band-Aide on a large wound can actually make problems worse.

Sometimes we treat our insurance card as though it is a free credit card of some sort. Our insurance cards can have limitations, and or exceptions on the kinds of procedures covered. We have to be more pro-active in terms of finding out what specifically we are entitled too. Don’t wait until the last minute.


Sorry it took me so long to get these clips. I finally got the last footage taken by our volunteer camera man. This will be the final episode of the Act1’s World Diabetes Day/Non-Profit Celebration 2010 series. I just can’t believe how wonderful everything came out that day. Everyone had a great time. I can’t think of anything better than gathering together with other diabetics, lauphing, dancing, sharing, and honoring each other. The room was filled with type 1/LADA of every size, shape, and ethnicity. Thank you to everyone for making this happen. Thank you Manny Hernandez, founder of tudiabetes.org & estudiabetes.org for stopping by and sharing with us. Thank you camera man for donating your time, even though you accidentally spelled my name wrong in one of the clips :-) .

I show Animas pump users, how to extract insulin from their insulin pen to their Animas pump cartridge. This is a great way to use up your excess insulin pens, and save a little money at the same time. I also show you how to extract insulin from your Animas cartridge to your syringe. Great way to save on insulin, and to get insulin for those unexpected emergencies. PLEASE NOTE, ONLY USE RAPID ACTING INSULINS, SUCH AS NOVOLOG & APIDRA. DO NOT USE LEVEMIR, HUMULIN, L, N, or LANTUS, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES; THESE INSULINS ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE USED IN A PUMP, AND CAN BE FATAL!!

Thank you for your patience. I have updated the video, and we’re good to go..

Yes!!!!! We’ve made it through another year living with diabetes!! I hope all my visitors & members are doing well on this brand new year 2011. Boy, it will now take me awhile to remember to fill all my documents as 2011 instead of 10.. :-)

In this episode, I just wanted to simply say thank you, to all my supporters and admirers of my blog; and I promise to continue my work, and try to touch on issues that may, or may not be discussed in the diabetic communities.

I also talked about some of my goals for the future of DiabeticRadio. Many people like me are working very hard to share their diabetic experiences, in hopes that it can help others. Some of the things we write or talk about, professional get to charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for. Learn all you can from my uncensored look @ diabetes. Learn all you can by utilizing all resources at your disposal. How else will you be able to gauge your doctor’s ability to assist in your health concerns?

The first year hasn’t been easy, revealing parts of my life that are so personal to me, to the world. Yet, it is these very personal things that let people know they are not alone, they are not crazy, and yes it is possible to live a very healthy diabeic life, complication free, worry free, and without the unnecessary depriving of self.

Peace to all in the New Year!!!

This is a very important episode. Those of us who are insulin dependent needs to watch this podcast. There is one other hormone that you should know about (other than insulin), and that is called Glucagon. Glucagon is also released from the pancreas (as well as insulin) when the body senses low blood sugar. Glucagon tries to restore sugar levels back to normal. Glucagon actually instructs the liver to produce more glucose, much like the same way insulin instructs the cells in your body to come and absorb glucose. I believe this episode is very important, please share with everyone. Don’t forget to have your doctor to write a script for glucagon kit. It is only met for EMERGENCY PURPOSES. Keep around the house at all times & when traveling for vacation, or long periods of time.

Did you know that thin type 2 people exist? Well, yes they do. The media would have you to believe that every person who is type 2 are all overweight, and lead unhealthy lifestyles. There is a huge genetic component to diabetes that most people in the medical community over look. We now know that it is possible to get either type 1 or 2, regardless of age, weight, or ethnicity. Sadly tape 2 people are often looked at as lazy & inactive, but in actuality, I know a lot of very physically active type 2’s (both thin and large). Till this very day, a lot of doctors don’t believe that thin type 2 people exist, and alot of it has to do with what I call “diabetic labels” and stereotypes. Because of this, a lot of diabetics can’t get the appropriate help they need, because of the mindsets that is extremely prevalent in the medical community. 

Below are every interesting links that discusses some of the misconsceptions about weight and diabetes.

Diabetes Self-Management

The Healthy Skeptic – Think thin people don’t get type 2?

The Healthy Skeptic – Not all fat people will get diabetes

The effects of alcohol and your blood sugars. So important to be mindful, especially during the major holidays..

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

My experience at the first fundraiser for ACT1. Lots of talent. I thank all the performers for donating all their time for a worthy cause. Don’t forget to look for me on itunes…

Part 1 – My experience @ The American Diabetes Association’s StepOut: Walk To Cure Diabetes 2010

Part 2 – Some performances

Part 3 More performances, and everybody having fun and dancing!!! So beautiful to see all races together!!!

Part 4 The Walk To Brooklyn!!!

I hope my videos encourages you to not only come out and take care of your diabetes, but to educate yourself. There’s a world of information out there, just waiting for you to grab it.

4 Android software to help with your diabetes.

I discuss the importance of keeping your teeth healthy, and the importance of protecting yourself, during intimacy, when you discover you have gingivitis.

My experience growing up in high school, and how it relates to my diabetes today.

Part 1

My Experience @ the Bronx Health fair 2010

Part 2

A nurse talks to me about the importance of controlling your blood pressure.

Part 3

Dr. Carlos Driggs, talks about the basics of diabetes in English and Spanish.

Part 4

Dr. Guzman from Mount Sinai Hospital talks about diabetes.

The importance of taking good care of your feet.

The diabetic industry is making a LOT of money off of us!!

Various things that can effect your blood sugars.

How diabetes can change you….

How to prepare for those unexpected moments, when diabetic looses his or her job. The importance of staying focused..

Feeling good does not mean you can completely stop taking your meds on your own.

My review on the Accu-Chek Compact Plus.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Men who don’t go to the doctor..

Having Diabetes can be extremely expensive, even with good insurance. I talk about some of my personal tips on cutting down on some of these costs. Subscribe to my itunes podcast!!

Take time to share your experience with diabetes! Look for me on iTunes..

How to extract the excess insulin from your pen.

The fine line between faith, and getting medical attention!!

In this episode, I talk about the importance of building meaningful relationships as a diabetic, and planing ahead.. Don’t forget that this podcast is also on itunes !!

In this episode, I talk about the importance of both doctors and nurses, updating their diabetic awareness. Too many health care professionals are practicing with out dated information. I am also on iTunes

HD quality.. First videocast for diabeticradio! In this episode I talk about my experience having cataracts, and growing up without any diabetic diagnosis.