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My guest is Chrystal from L.A.. She is just one of many positive diabetics making a huge difference in the diabetes community. She is a chemist, and diabetic activist. After Chrystal's diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in November 2007, she created SexyDiabetic.com; and donates a good portion of her time connecting and sharing experiences, both inside and outside the online diabetic communities.

Chrystal has shared with us her personal experiences living with diabetes; her role in the diabetic community; some of her current diabetic project she's working on during black history month.

We talked about some of the struggles we we face, getting the African American communities and all other people of color educated on the dangers of diabetes; as well as the fears and discrimination that still exist for diabetics today.

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Richard A. Vaugn

For 2012 I thought it would be wonderful to start the year off with a positive interview!

My guest is Richard A Vaughn. He has written an awesome book called "Beating The Odds - 64 years of Diabetes Health". In this book, he takes us on a journey through his diabetic life.

From the moment he was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 6, all the way up through completing his masters degree, @ a time when people thought diabetics shouldn't go to college (because diabetes was considered a disability then).

Richard also talks about his wonderful family and grand children, in addition to participating in the Joslin Medalist Study, funded by the JDRF & National Institute of health..

Richard is definitely an inspiration to us all. He has showed us insulin dependent people, how to live healthy emotionally & physically by example, with either no, or the least amount of complications possible; coming from a time when life expectancy for a diabetic was no later than 40 years old.


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You can purchase Richard's book by clicking on the graphic of his book below.

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What's in your headphones? We all know how important exercise is to any diabetic, however, the music you exercise to is also just as important too! Music can make the difference between a 3 minute workout, and a 30 minute workout. Personally, I am an oldies guy, and my musical tastes are pretty eclectic and diverse. The above playlist consist of music I am listening to on my Anddroid when I exercise or power-walk. As my mood changes, so shall the playlist.


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This guy has an amazing website called LovingRaw.com, which is all about vegan, and eating raw foods. His name is Philip McClusky, and he talks about his dramatic weight loss, and tries to help others through his personal experiences.

This particular video has caught my eye, because he touched on a subject that unfortunately, I’m currently going through for quite some time now. His video in essence talks about keeping the positive energy, when some people in your life (or around your life) are not. So much of what he said resonated so much for me, and i’m sure it will for many of you as well.

Bottom line, he so eloquently stated in his video, when people are hating on you, your choices in life, etc., it’s because somewhere down the pike, your doing something right! It also does mean that YOU are litterally a direct reflection of what their not. The only way to combat such negativity, is to shower yourself with love, and shower others with love; and those that currently support you will reciprocate, and produce even more positive energy! Often times it’s contagious, try it.

I think that this applies to diabetes in a huge way. Because the minute someone finds out your diabetic, we get all kinds of advice from people with non-medical training. You also get those that, no matter how many thousands of times you explain something to someone, they just refuse to except new knowledge, or a different point-of-view at best. It takes a strong person to stand their ground, and continue to do what works for YOU.

Philip McClusky’s Episode #44

A clip from Katt William’s “Haters”

This is a very important episode. Those of us who are insulin dependent needs to watch this podcast. There is one other hormone that you should know about (other than insulin), and that is called Glucagon. Glucagon is also released from the pancreas (as well as insulin) when the body senses low blood sugar. Glucagon tries to restore sugar levels back to normal. Glucagon actually instructs the liver to produce more glucose, much like the same way insulin instructs the cells in your body to come and absorb glucose. I believe this episode is very important, please share with everyone. Don’t forget to have your doctor to write a script for glucagon kit. It is only met for EMERGENCY PURPOSES. Keep around the house at all times & when traveling for vacation, or long periods of time.

Did you know that thin type 2 people exist? Well, yes they do. The media would have you to believe that every person who is type 2 are all overweight, and lead unhealthy lifestyles. There is a huge genetic component to diabetes that most people in the medical community over look. We now know that it is possible to get either type 1 or 2, regardless of age, weight, or ethnicity. Sadly tape 2 people are often looked at as lazy & inactive, but in actuality, I know a lot of very physically active type 2’s (both thin and large). Till this very day, a lot of doctors don’t believe that thin type 2 people exist, and alot of it has to do with what I call “diabetic labels” and stereotypes. Because of this, a lot of diabetics can’t get the appropriate help they need, because of the mindsets that is extremely prevalent in the medical community. 

Below are every interesting links that discusses some of the misconsceptions about weight and diabetes.

Diabetes Self-Management

The Healthy Skeptic – Think thin people don’t get type 2?

The Healthy Skeptic – Not all fat people will get diabetes