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My guest is Chrystal from L.A.. She is just one of many positive diabetics making a huge difference in the diabetes community. She is a chemist, and diabetic activist. After Chrystal's diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in November 2007, she created SexyDiabetic.com; and donates a good portion of her time connecting and sharing experiences, both inside and outside the online diabetic communities.

Chrystal has shared with us her personal experiences living with diabetes; her role in the diabetic community; some of her current diabetic project she's working on during black history month.

We talked about some of the struggles we we face, getting the African American communities and all other people of color educated on the dangers of diabetes; as well as the fears and discrimination that still exist for diabetics today.

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Richard A. Vaugn

For 2012 I thought it would be wonderful to start the year off with a positive interview!

My guest is Richard A Vaughn. He has written an awesome book called "Beating The Odds - 64 years of Diabetes Health". In this book, he takes us on a journey through his diabetic life.

From the moment he was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 6, all the way up through completing his masters degree, @ a time when people thought diabetics shouldn't go to college (because diabetes was considered a disability then).

Richard also talks about his wonderful family and grand children, in addition to participating in the Joslin Medalist Study, funded by the JDRF & National Institute of health..

Richard is definitely an inspiration to us all. He has showed us insulin dependent people, how to live healthy emotionally & physically by example, with either no, or the least amount of complications possible; coming from a time when life expectancy for a diabetic was no later than 40 years old.


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You can purchase Richard's book by clicking on the graphic of his book below.

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Well, I had a loooong overdue eye exam about a week ago. I also really needed a new pair of glasses, so I wanted to kill two birds with one stone. We all should try our best to get our eye exam at least once a year. This time around, I decided to go to a local LensCrafters in my area.  I must say that, I am extremely impressed with the unmatched level of customer service, expertise & professionalism. Each and every single employee @ the location I was in, was  absolutely awesome!! From the sales staff, to the techs/doctor really did a wonderful job. I am really pleased with both my check-up experience, the follow-up, and my new glasses.  I will most definitely do business with them again!

Thanks to my good blood sugar control, my eyes are still healthy 5 years after my surgeries. For the exam, they used very hi-tech equipment I’ve never seen before. One device used, tested my peripheral vision (I think) using tiny lights. Each time I saw a light flash, I had to click a button on a hand-held controller. It seemed more like a fun video game after a while :-) . Their computers are so sophisticated that,  it even -re-calculated my correct vision, despite my implants! In other words, it compensated for the 90-95% of vision I am getting already from the implant automatically.


They also used a machine to scan a 3 dimensional image of the back of my eyes. The scan generated a hi-resolution scan that was detailed enough, to clearly show my blood vessels behind my eyes. The scan showed no sign of broken/bleeding blood vessels, or retina detachment. My eye pressure is in normal range :-) .

When getting eyes checked, diabetics need to see an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.  Even with all the cool technologies I’ve experienced, we still need to have our eyes dilated, so that the doctor can see our eyes up close! It is the best way for the doctor to spot any potential problems in the future.

A few key points:

  • Poor eye pressure (prolonged) is one of the many high risk factors for glaucoma. Glaucoma is a group of several diseases that gradually, and irreversibly, cause the loss of sight. Permanently. There is no cure for Glaucoma. It is possible to stop the progression via medication, early detection, and controlling your blood sugars!! There are no symptoms for glaucoma, so it is important to check your eyes yearly. Click on the glaucoma simulator, to see what it looks like.


  •  Retinal detachment often occurs, when you have high levels of blood sugar (for long periods of time), that eventually cause the blood vessels to burst/break, and leak blood, causing the retina to detach from the eye. This causes permanent loss of sight. There is no cure, or correction for retina detachment. However, you can try and prevent the further progression of  detachment via early detection & laser surgery. Talk to your Ophthalmologist for more information. Click on the retinal detachment simulator, to see what it looks like.


  • Cataracts are mostly caused by consistent high levels of fluid & protein in the eyes. These high levels of fluid in the eyes are often caused by frequent high blood sugars. Before I got cataracts, I always assumed that cataracts was ONLY the result, of the natural aging process. I since learned that any one, at any age can develop cataracts; it is even possible for infants to be born with cataracts. In short, If the fluid in our eyes are not controlled (by maintaining good blood sugar), all the fluids along with the protein stains our natural lens. When our natural lens becomes stained with protein, our vision gradually turns white. There is a misconception that cataracts are corrected with a laser procedure, this is false (at least at this moment and time). The only way to correct cataracts, is to surgically remove the cataract/natural lens, and replace it with an implant. There is no “cure” for cataracts. The only time laser is used in terms of cataracts, is when a small membrane sometimes develops a few years after the surgery. This membrane sometimes causes a slight fuzziness in vision. If this happens, the surgeon will make a small a tiny whole near the implant (using laser technology), so that the membrane can drain. Once this procedure is done, you should not have any further problems (so long as your blood sugar is under control). Talk to your doctor for more information. If you would like to see a cataract simulation, click here.. Just a side note, my cataracts was much worse than the actual simulation. I eventually became color blind, and lost my dept perception and peripheral vision. I say this not to scare my readers, but to impress the importance of NOT TO PROCRASTINATE. You absolutely can not pray cataracts away. My cataracts would have NEVER gotten as bad as it did, had I had the right team of doctors, and the right hospitals from the get go. I don’t know how to make it any clearer……. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BLOOD SUGARS!!! If I can do it, I know you guys can do it.

One last point I would like to make, it does make a difference where you go to get your glasses and check up. The last place I’ve gone to, set my bifocals so far down the lenses, that it was a strain to read. I often had to wear two different glasses because of it. However, LensCrafters has done such a great job, my reading feels much more comfortable now. I really do appreciate both their patience & the time they’ve all taken to help me. It’s not often you find employees that would go out of their way to help a customer.

When is YOUR next eye appointment?

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