About The Archived Interviews:

It's not often that diabetics are provided with a forum to verbalize their experiences living with diabetes. It's one thing to read about diabetes, but to hear about diabetes takes on a whole new meaning. Through the power of computer technology, we now have the means to bring all our personal stories to the world! Through this great technology, we can learn from each other the things that can not always be easily learned by 1, 2, or even several decades of doctor visits. 

As always, the purpose of my blog interviews isn't to bash doctors or any particular type of health care team; nor will you hear me discuss any kind of "natural~herbal miracle cures" that don't exist. I didn't create this site to sell you a particular idea, mindset, or the perfect "diabetic diet", or foods that "cure". My site is about sharing honest experiences living the diabetic life, in hopes that both diabetics and non-diabetics can have somewhat an idea of what the diabetic struggle is all about. To not only encourage educating ourselves beyond our limited doctor visits, but to encourage real dialogues with your doctors or health care team, with the information you are learning about. Diabetes is consistantly changing, and we should never become too complacent around subject of diabetes.

There exist a wealth of untapped diabetes knowledge; information that's always been here from the begining, all you have to do is seek and you'll find it.

In addition to tons of searchable and tangible diabetes information (both digital and books), you have the valuable experiences of diabetics around the world who are not really being heard. It is equally true that so many diabetics don't wanna share their experiences because of the rediculous stereotypes and assumption that lay heavy on us, by people who are not diabetic. It is my hope that my blog, resources, articles, youtube channel, and growing interview archive will not only empower all diabetics to unwaveringly seek truth about their own health, but to also teach and inform non-diabetic people about aspects of diabetes that are rarely heard in our society.

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